Image file requirements for labels flexo printing.


Essential information are to be taken into consideration when preparing files for digital imaging:


We operate the following programs: 

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Corel Draw
  • ArtPro
  • PackEdge



Take care that all types are attached to the artwork or changed into curves.


Photos and bitmaps shall meet the following requirements:

  • if possible non – vector components should be attached separately, preferably in psd format with layers, channels and selections preserved
  • single-bit bitmaps in 800dpi resolution are required
  • photos in 300 dpi resolution are required
  • do not scale bitmaps in layout program
  • do not submit text in Photoshop or other bitmap program


Other components:

  • detached lines: min. 0,1-0,2 mm and negative lines: min. 0,2-0,3 mm are required
  • if possible, avoid creating text in counterpoint in more then one separation , if not,  left inner letter edges min. 0,1 mm in one separation (other colors are going to be withdrawn)
  • Min. required line width for „non printed” color texts (with a selections underneath) is  0,4 mm. A printing tolerance for light  letters and dark background is 0,1-0,2 mm; as to the dark letters – they should be overprinted or trapping should be considered.
  • While designing  0% gradient (usually descending to the white) consider that 1-2% screen dot increase optically up to 8-12%, as a result in printing  process with a use of regular dot graticule an edge (a fracture) is visible



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