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We use the following techniques of printing labels: flexography, screen printing, hot and cold stamping.

Modern flexography with the use of UV paint and CTP technology ensures high quality print standard together with exact mapping of even the most complicated designs. Using this technique enables us to achieve optimal results in printing self-adhesive labels.

We have 6 Gallus production lines which meet the highest requirements set upon the production process of self-adhesive labels. We adjust proper technology to functions of a specific label and set the most advantageous prices. Thanks to compatibility of our printing machines, we always provide timely delivery of labels.

The images are prepared for printing by experienced operators with the use of professional computer graphics programs, modern proofing system and set of CTP tools: DuPont Cyrel FAST and CDI Esko Artwork.

Changes of label design may be introduced immediately after receiving relevant instruction. After 3 hours from receiving information of the need to introduce any changes, we are ready to start printing the modified design.

Our offer includes:

  • comprehensive graphic service before printing

  • printing in 8 colours + lacquering on self–adhesive paper and foil

  • screen printing on transparent films (no label look)

  • hot stamping

  • cold foil

  • laminating of labels with the use of polypropylene sheeting, ensuring resistance of labels to mechanical damage and chemicals

  • legible label overprint on adhesive side used in transparent packages

  • labels numbering

  • 3-page peel-off labels

We use quality management system complying with ISO 9001:2009

Thanks to nearby location of self-adhesive materials supplier, labels may be produced within 48 hours.

Our warehouse surface of over 1000 square meters enables to store 1500 europallets. We also provide transport.

For perfect image mapping, we ask our customers to prepare a design of a label, according to the following standards: specification of requirements



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